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The Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs is now presented in podcast, with new episode airing in the first Tuesday of each month. Find ‘Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs’ on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and other major podcast apps. Be sure to subscribe for episode updates! The episodes can also be accessed directly here.

In this episode, Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Professor Orlando Figes, a renowned historian and author of ‘The Crimean War’ (2012) and ‘The Story of Russia’ (2022), discuss the 19th-century Crimean War and how it shed light on the current conflict in Ukraine. Together they explore Russia's complex association with the West, and how Russian and Western thinkers and politicians narrated the Western-Russian international relations.

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About the Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs

Hosted by Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the eminent thought-leader in economics and sustainable development, the Book Club features monthly interviews with renowned authors about their ground-breaking work in sustainability, economics, history, social justice, and more.

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