Opening of Themed Exhibition on ‘Rescue the Ocean’

icon date s Thursday 01 September 2016

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The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change has jointly organised with the New York-based R.A.R.E. (Rare Animals Really Endangered) and the Hong Kong-based Plastic Free Seas a themed exhibition, titled ‘Rescue the Ocean’. The exhibition is open to the public with free admission from 1 September to 29 November. Officiating at the opening ceremony on 1 September were Professor Tung Fung, Associate Vice-President of CUHK, Ms Vivian Lee, Senior Charities Manager of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Ms La Benida Hui, Founder of R.A.R.E., Ms Tracey Read, Founder and CEO of Plastic Free Seas, and Mr Marc Allante, artist.

The Exhibition showcases creative artworks to illustrate the damage to the marine environment and ecology from plastic waste, in order to raise public awareness of the importance of marine conservation and to encourage visitors to reflect on the impact the things they do in their daily life has on the ocean and marine life. Visitors are encouraged to change their lifestyle, persuade others to do the same, and help protect the marine environment and conserve marine resources.

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