‘Living Greener’ Virtual Exhibition
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‘Living Greener’ Exhibition

Hong Kong is among cities in the world with the highest per capita carbon emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR Government, the greenhouse gas emissions of Hong Kong reached 40.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq) in total or 5.4 tonnes CO2-eq per capita in 2018. The Emission Gap Report 2020, published by the United Nations, stated that around two thirds of global emissions are linked to the private household activities according to consumption-based accounting. The report stressed that individual actions and lifestyle changes are crucial to reduce carbon emissions.

Funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund, the Museum launches the ‘Living Greener’ virtual exhibition to explore the relationship between everyday life and the global climate issues of today. The exhibition offers practical things we can do to incorporate sustainability into our daily life. Visitors can immerse themselves in the virtual world without having to leave home.


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