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Highlights of the UN Climate Week webinar Looking Ahead: A Year for Action towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are now available in the post-event booklet [Download].

The webinar jointly organized by the American Alliance of Museums Environment and Climate Network (AAM ECN) and the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (MoCC CUHK) on 21 September 2020 focused on solution-oriented thinking on museum sustainability. Three renowned museum professionals, Ms Amber Kerr (Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C.), Mrs Cecilia Lam (MoCC, Hong Kong) and Dr Jenny Newell (Australian Museum, Sydney) shared their insights on operational sustainability, cultural heritage preservation and community engagement. The webinar ended with a vivid discussion led by Ms Joyce Lee (AAM ECN) on climate action, sustainability and the UN SDGs.

Re-visit the webinar: [Video archive].

Looking Ahead A Year for Action towards the Sustainable Development Goals SDG Booklet

類別: Reports

The Council for Sustainable Development (SDC) submitted to the Government its report on Hong Kong's long-term decarbonisation strategy, hoping to get the economy ready for advancing to net zero emissions by 2050, as part of the global effort to limit the average temperature increase to well below 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. In support of this strategy, the SDC has set out a long-term vision based on 55 recommendations across eight key areas, namely Target; Lifestyles; Education, Training and Research; Built Environment; Energy; Transport; City Planning and Management; and Finance.

Details of the Council Report and Public Engagement:  

類別: Reports

SDSN Hong Kong’s co-host The Chinese University of Hong Kong, through its Centre for Business Sustainability, recently launched the first-ever Greater Bay Area Business Sustainability Index (GBABSI)# and announced the results of the 5th Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index (HKBSI).

Aiming at encouraging the private sector to adopt corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a progressive business model, the two indexes chart the ongoing development and performance of Hong Kong listed companies’ on business sustainability, using a unique assessment model that takes into account a company’s contribution to economic, social and environmental sustainability, as well as its efforts to promote the SDGs.

The 5th HKBSI assessment shows significant improvement (+21.32%) in the companies’ environment practice. This encouraging result suggests that the companies are addressing global concern about climate change and environmental pollution. For the GBABSI assessment, although the overall performances are lower than the 5th HKBSI companies’, the assessment reveals that GBA companies are more focused on environmental practice and employee caring compared to the HKBSI companies which are more focused on investor and customer relationships.

The launch of the GBABSI aspires to drive the other GBA companies to address sustainability issues. Both indexes complement each other and provide a comprehensive CSR performance benchmark. They serve as robust indicators for investors to identify companies with a strong commitment to social responsibility and become a powerful driving force to achieve the SDGs through the business sector.

#The Greater Bay Area Business Sustainability Index is an extension of the ongoing Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index, covering Hong Kong listed companies with operations in GBA that are eligible for southbound trading under the Stock Connect scheme.

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