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The Environment Bureau launched the Low Carbon Living Calculator today to promote lifestyle changes to combat climate change.

The online calculator will help the public assess their individual carbon emissions in the past year for clothing, food, living and travel.

On a designated website, it asks 14 simple multiple choice questions which can usually be completed within five minutes.

Using information from electricity, water and fuel bills, the calculator will estimate users' individual carbon emissions based on their habits.

It also offers low carbon living tips on behavioural changes needed to lead a greener lifestyle.

People can share their results with family and friends using social media.

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Carbon-reducing behaviour, like walking, cycling and cutting meat consumption, generates health co-benefits. Our study indicated that a large proportion of the older age groups practised carbon-reducing behaviour, contrary to the general conception that the younger generation adopts such environmental behaviour more readily. Using less packaging and shopping bags was the most common carbon-reducing behaviour, and was practised by 70.1% of interviewees every day. Only 3.5% of interviewees were vegetarian and about half (49%) of meat eaters, especially males, had never thought of eating vegetables only for at least one day a week.

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