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Watch the ‘Testaments from the Age of Humans’ curated by Baker Langham, to hear how objects, landscapes, and institutions can be reimagined to tell unexpected stories about humanity’s impact on our planet and to discover how every museum has the power to be a voice for climate action.

Check out MoCC’s contributions: 38’18”–40’35” & 54’21”–54’46”

Highlights of the UN Climate Week webinar Looking Ahead: A Year for Action towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are now available in the post-event booklet [Download].

The webinar jointly organized by the American Alliance of Museums Environment and Climate Network (AAM ECN) and the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (MoCC CUHK) on 21 September 2020 focused on solution-oriented thinking on museum sustainability. Three renowned museum professionals, Ms Amber Kerr (Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C.), Mrs Cecilia Lam (MoCC, Hong Kong) and Dr Jenny Newell (Australian Museum, Sydney) shared their insights on operational sustainability, cultural heritage preservation and community engagement. The webinar ended with a vivid discussion led by Ms Joyce Lee (AAM ECN) on climate action, sustainability and the UN SDGs.

Re-visit the webinar: [Video archive].

Looking Ahead A Year for Action towards the Sustainable Development Goals SDG Booklet

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Produced by Alberta Museums Association (AMA), the ‘Taking Action Against Climate Change’ video series is intended to raise awareness of climate change and support the global museum community in taking an active role in the fight against climate change.

The videos include practical examples of how individuals can take proactive action to address climate issues, which are hopeful and engaging. They demonstrate not only what museums are doing to mitigate their carbon footprints, but also how individuals and other institutions can contribute to positive changes by making sustainable choices.

Video Content:
1. Times are Changing
2. Flooding and Drought
3. Weather Havoc
4. We are all Related
5. Time for Action
6. Taking Action on Climate Change
7. Museums and the Climate Challenge