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GAIA Online Platform – Unleashing Green Ideas

In September 2016, we witnessed an unfortunate historical event in climate change: the atmospheric carbon dioxide level crossed the 400ppm threshold permanently. To prevent catastrophic consequences, the international community must put more effort into limiting greenhouse gas emissions. There are many things we can and should do.

The most effective way to combat climate change is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Do not underestimate the value of your personal effort – little steps can lead to substantial changes. Intended for both environment newbies and gurus, the GAIA – Green Aspirations & Innovative Actions Online Platform (the GAIA Online Platform) is a great hub to obtain and share green information.

Established by Office of CUHK Jockey Club Initiative Gaia, the GAIA Online Platform aims to encourage behavioral changes to combat climate change. Once you become a member of the GAIA Online Platform, you can connect with others who share your passion for sustainable development and work together.

Members of GAIA 1.0 (schools/organizations) and GAIA 2.0 (individuals) will be awarded e-badges and certificates once registered. Through Green Media, members can exchange the latest information, such as news on climate change or daily tips on energy saving and carbon reduction.

GAIA 1.0 (schools/organizations)
GAIA 2.0 (individuals)

Annual awards are given to outstanding GAIA members to highlight their commitment to the environment. To receive a Silver or Gold Award, members of GAIA 1.0 must fulfill the pledged items in the GAIA 1.0 Checklist. Don’t forget to invite staff members, students and other target recipients to register as members of GAIA 2.0, in order to compete for GAIA Partner of the Year. Members of GAIA 2.0 can make use of the platform to record weekly carbon reduction results, which can be used to gain e-badges of Gaia the mascot and win a lucky bag of green products. The 30 individuals with the highest reduction in their carbon footprint will each be named a GAIA Star of the Year.

About 150 schools and organizations, and over 1,500 individuals have registered as GAIA members since the debut of the platform in 2015. Hurry up and register now!

Green Sharing by the Youth

Students participating in the Green Leadership Camp join an upcycling workshop.

Drawing on last year’s experience, we included in this year’s Green Leadership Camp more sophisticated training on teamwork, leadership skills and practical environmental knowledge, such as upcycling and how climate change threatens Hong Kong. Packed with action and intensive discussions, the four-day camp passed in the blink of an eye – but the real campaign has yet to begin. We believe the training encouraged the participants to play an active role in environmental protection and engage others in building a sustainable future.

Keep reading to learn more about the training camp.

Students attend a lecture by Mr Shun Chi-ming, Director of the Hong Kong Observatory.
At the Polar Gallery of the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, students are in awe of the polar regions.

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